Heating & Air Conditioning
Installation & Repair


At Anthony Services, our skilled technicians provide comprehensive heating equipment services. Whether you need a furnace repaired or a heat pump installed, we offer a complete range of solutions and serve as your all-in-one destination for all your heating needs.


We offer unparalleled system options and product varieties for your new air conditioning system. Even better, we offer efficient, affordable service on your air conditioner and all of its parts. Our highly-trained technicians are ready and waiting to service or replace your air conditioning system quickly and at low cost.


Anthony Services HVAC technicians can help you stay up-to-date with commercial boiler services to ensure that you have safe, energy-efficient, and reliable heating in your homes or buildings.

Geothermal Replacement

We specialize in replacing geothermal HVAC system maintenance in Meade and surrounding counties in Kentucky. Geothermal technology harnesses the Earth’s heat.